In 2012, to the point architects was formed as a product of a prolonged collaboration between Chrysostomos Kypritzis and Nestoras Kanellos.

Aiming to leverage the expertise obtained by each of us, the prime objective of this partnership was to excel in both constructional and design levels.

Our commitment to multidisciplinary collaborations, coupled with our ambition to achieve excellence, has been our guiding principle throughout our professional journey.

Our main objective is to concentrate on the intricacies of every project and cater to the requirements of each client while ensuring superior quality standards.

In 2015, to the point architects inaugurated its branch office in Naxos. This is due to the growing number of clients in the Cyclades who are involved in the real estate sector of the tourism industry. 

City Hall in Agia _ national architectural competition 2016 _ 1st price _ collaboration: I. Dalakoura
ROOM 18 _ european architectural competition 2016 _ shortlisted 30 best _ collaboration: I. Papakostas
Vacation house in Leptokaria _ VI Minsk international biennale of young architects LEONARDO 2015 _ 3rd place _ residential low-rise houses / projects
Single-family house in Katerini _ DOMES 2015 _ best 8 projects 2010 - 2014 _ shortlisted by prof. D. Fatouros
"Mild Home" in Larisa _ student architectural competition 2014 _ 1st price _ collaboration: A. Gallou - E. Koutrogiannis
"Theatrou" square in Athens _ national architectural competition 2010 _ honorable mention _ collaboration: A. Moras, A. Sakkas
"Hatzihalar" park in Larisa _ national architectural competition 2008 _ 3rd price