In 2012, to the point architects was the result of a long term collaboration between Chrysostomos Kypritzis and Nestoras Kanellos.

Making use of the experience each of us had gained as individuals, was the main purpose of this partnership.

Our belief in multidisciplinary collaborations, along with the desire to excel in both constructional and designing level has been our guide throughout our professional career.

Our goal and prime concern is to focus on the specifics of each project and to meet the needs of each client while providing high standard quality.

Since 2015, to the point architects have launched their branch studio in Naxos due to their expanding clientele in Cyclades in the field of touristic real estate properties.

City Hall in Agia _ national architectural competition 2016 _ 1st price _ collaboration: I. Dalakoura
ROOM 18 _ european architectural competition 2016 _ shortlisted 30 best _ collaboration: I. Papakostas
Vacation house in Leptokaria _ VI Minsk international biennale of young architects LEONARDO 2015 _ 3rd place _ residential low-rise houses / projects
Single-family house in Katerini _ DOMES 2015 _ best 8 projects 2010 - 2014 _ shortlisted by prof. D. Fatouros
"Mild Home" in Larisa _ student architectural competition 2014 _ 1st price _ collaboration: A. Gallou - E. Koutrogiannis
"Theatrou" square in Athens _ national architectural competition 2010 _ honorable mention _ collaboration: A. Moras, A. Sakkas
"Hatzihalar" park in Larisa _ national architectural competition 2008 _ 3rd price